Cloudtimecards Benefits

Perfect for any small or medium sized business

Boost Performance

Have the benefits of connecting your office to the job site. Instantly send and receive time card data and see labor costs in real time.

Workflow Simplification

Eliminate the need to drive in collect employee's signature or paper time card. Using our digital time card system will allow your employees to sign their time cards using their smartphone.

Generate Time Cards

Instantly compile and calculate time card data and amounts to be paid at the end of each pay period.

Mobile Signing

Notify your employees when their time card is ready to sign with a text message. This message will also include a special hyperlink that will take your employee directly to their time card for review and approval.

Cloudtimecards Tools

Take advantage of Cloud Time Card system and stream line the time tracking process in your business.

  • Professional and easy-to-use software
  • Import your employees' information in minutes
  • Generate payroll summary instantly
  • Have the ability to generate and send flat files to your payroll processor
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On Your Smartphone

Spend less time collecting time cards and more focusing on your products and projects.

  • Professional and easy-to-use web application
  • A better way to collect time card data
  • Let your employees sign digitally from any smartphone
  • See labor costs in real time
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On Your Tablet

Have access to your time tracking data as if you were in the office.

  • Access labor cost data in real time
  • Give your foremen or supervisors the ability to collect time card signatures
  • Allow your foremen to log employee's time
  • Save time and money
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Our pricing

Cloud Time Cards plans are month by month basis

$9.99 /mo
billed monthly
Up to 10 Employees
All features included
$29.99 /mo
billed monthly
Up to 20 Employees
All features included
$99.99 /mo
billed monthly
Up to 50 Employees
All features included
$299.99 /mo
billed monthly
Up to 100 Employees
All features included

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions

How does Cloud Time Cards pricing work?

Subscriptions are tiered based on the number of employees you need to have in your company account. The subscription can be changed at any time.

Do you offer discounts?

Bigger teams get a discount in their subscription. We also offer a big discount for companies that subscribe to annual plans. Companies in the Premium Plan paid annually save $600 per year.

Can I change my subcription plan?

Yes. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. Assuming that your current number of employees can be accommodated in the new plan you want to choose. For example, if you have 16 active employees and you are paying for the Plus Plan (which can accommodate up to 20 employees) you can go down to the Starter Plan (up to 10 employees) by inactivating 6 employees out of the 16 currently active employees.

Who is considered an employee?

Anyone in your company who you register as an employee under your company. These are users who will be granted access to our mobile applications to collect clock-in and clock-out data.

Which types of Payment are accepted?


Which features are available with each subscription plan?

All the features are available with a paid subscription. We do not make any feautures unavailable for any of our paid plans. All companies who sign up to a paid subscription have access to the same features.